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Your Ambassador Marine Stripper will run for many years requiring very little maintenance, the only wearing parts are the white Delrin bearings that sit between the fixed and rotary cutter units. These will wear at different rates depending on engine hours and the silt content of the water.

It is recommended that you check the Stripper when the boat is lifted out for general maintenance. To test the bearings simply squeeze the fixed cutter and the rotary cutter towards each other, if there is play from worn bearings the blades will move closer together. If there is less than a 0.1mm (0.004") gap its time to replace the bearings.

All components of the Stripper are available as replacement parts, however the most common parts for replacement are available in a Service Pack.

The service pack for conventional shaft Strippers contains a set of bearings, springs and fixing bolt for the striker plate, replacement bolts for the Stripper´┐Żs rotary cutter body and clamp ring.

The service pack for the saildrive Stripper contains a set of bearings and replacement drive bolts.

Maintenance instructions are no longer included as part of the service pack, but are available for download.

All service packs come in a handy plastic box that can be stored on the boat allowing the maintenance work to be performed anywhere in the world by the competent boat owner without having to wait for the parts to be delivered or having to pay for expensive boat yard labour fees.

Although each conventional Stripper is available for various shaft sizes, the service pack parts are common to all support shaft sizes. E.g. An AM10 30mm and an AM10 35mm will use the same service pack.

If you are unsure which model Stripper you have, our Stripper Identification Guide will help.

Service Pack for Stripper Model Price excluding VAT Price including VAT (UK only) Purchase
AM5 Service Pack£29.00£34.80Buy
AM10 Service Pack£33.00£39.60Buy
AM15 Service Pack£39.00£46.80Buy
AM20 Service Pack£52.00£62.40Buy
AM30 Service Pack£65.00£78.00Buy
Saildrive Service Pack£30.00£36.00Buy