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Each conventional shaft Stripper model has unique parts that can not be installed on any other Stripper. The simplest way to identify which conventional shaft model you have is to measure the outer hub diameter of the rotary cutter.

This diameter will also be the same for the bearings, fixed cutter and clamp ring.

The images on the right shows the parts of an AM10 Stripper, all the diameters equal 66mm.

Stripper Model Hub Diameter

AM10 hub diameter example

The saildrive Strippers share several common parts, specifically the bearings and clamp plate, but have different fixed cutters and rotary cutters.

The different fixed cutter designs are the simplest way to determine which saildrive Stripper you have.

The Volvo 120 Stripper has a retaining peg as well as a black plastic fairing that sit around the back face of the saildrive.

The Volvo 150 and Yanmar fixed cutters only have a retaining peg on them, the Volvo 150 peg is 19.75mm in length and the Yanmar peg is 30mm in length.

The images on the right show the two peg lengths for the Yanmar and Volvo 150 Saildrives fixed cutters, and the Volvo 120 Saildrive fixed cutter with its black plastic fairing as well as metal peg.

Saildrive fixed cutter measurement examples