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The following form contains all the details we require to establish which conventional shaft Stripper model will fit on your boat.

For guidance use the information on the right to assist in populating the form. We will contact you once the form has been submitted to assist in populating any areas left blank.

We also hold a large database of boats that we have fitted Strippers on previously, if you don't know specific shaft details, providing the boat details may allow us to find previous installations on similar boats.

If you have specific questions relating to the Stripper or rope cutters in general, please check to see if your question hasn't already been answered in our frequently asked questions page.

Your Details

Please include a full name and contact telephone number, including the international dialing code, so that we can contact you regarding your enquiry.

If you do not enter your name, contact telephone number and an e-mail address submitting the form will generate an error and you risk loosing the information you've entered.

Boat Details

These details will help us work out which Stripper model you require, and if any additional accessories or modifications are required to install the Stripper.

If you do not know all the details we hold a database of previous boats Strippers have been installed on which we can use to find out the missing details.

If there is any further information which you feel would be useful please enter it into the notes section.



Please type in the characters that appear in the verification image in the text area, there are no numbers in the verification string, only letters.