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Our saildrive Strippers come with a modified anode that allows the cutter to be installed, the service packs do not contain a new anode.

We can provide replacement anodes for Yanmar and Volvo saildrives or you can modify anodes you already have to accept the Stripper.

If you have a Volvo saildrive but are unsure which model it is, the major difference between the 120 and 150 models is that the anode comes in two parts on the 150, allowing the replacement of the anode without removing the propeller.

The Volvo 130 and 140 Saildrives are identical to the Volvo 150 as far as the Stripper is concerned, therefore if you have a Volvo 130 Saildrive leg the Volvo 150 anode is compatible.

We provide zinc anodes for use in salt water by default, if you keep your boat in fresh water then you will require a magnesium anode, these are made to order and therefore take a little longer for delivery.

Replacement anode for saildrive Price excluding VAT Price including VAT (UK Only) Purchase
Yanmar Saildrive Anode (Zinc)£38.00£45.60Buy
Volvo 120 Saildrive Anode (Alloy)£52.00£62.40Buy
Volvo 120 Saildrive Anode (Magnesium)£52.00£62.40Buy
Volvo 130 & 140 & 150 Saildrive Anode (Alloy)£79.00£94.80Buy
Volvo 130 & 140 & 150 Saildrive Anode (Magnesium)£79.00£94.80Buy