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Below are comments made by previous Ambassador Marine customers.

During the winter I investigated installing Strippers on my boat, but the cost of the two cutters was the same as the new hi-fi I wanted to install. I put off the purchase of the cutters and installed my new hi-fi. Motoring near my home marina I picked up a rope between the two propeller shafts and did serious damage.

I purchased the Strippers and have been very happy since, although I could have saved myself a lot of time and money if i'd got my priorities right!

Dear Sir
Whilst sailing up the Rusk channel in fairly lively conditions, following wind and lively sea, I fouled both propellers on a lobster pot line linking two buoys together.

I started both engines and lookged over the side, the rope was a 11/4 inch blue nylon and was well and truely tangled. After a few "good heavens" and "goodness" it looked like a lifeboat job, but I thought a slow ahead was worth a try, it did the trick, cutting the line in fine fashion.

Thank you Ambassador Marine

Just a note to thank you for your excellent service.
Ive already received the parts I ordered less than 36 hours ago!

I would like to place on record my satisfaction with the Stripper

Whereas last year I had to get under the boat at least once a day in the Morbihan to clear the propeller of Japanese seaweed, I did not have to do so this year once, despite the fact that there was even more weed about.

To begin with I was suspicious so looked at the action of the Stripper when we were at anchor in shallow water. The weed floating past built up around the propeller but as soon as the engine was put into gear the Stripper was totally effective. When going through thick clumps of weed you could hear the Stripper at work and see the evidence trailing out astern.

Fantastic bit of kit, saved us from being fouled several times now, wouldn't leave the marina without it!