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Ambassador Marine is the only company to offer a scissor action rope cutter for saildrive boats, the Stripper can be installed on Volvo 120, Volvo 130, Volvo 150, Yanmar and Bukh saildrives.

The Volvo 130 and Volvo 150 saildrive legs are identical as far as the Stripper is concerned, therefore our Stripper to fit a Volvo 150 saildrive leg is also compatible with the Volvo 130 saildrive leg.

The saildrive Stripper, which operates on the same principle as the conventional shaft Stripper, is available with two or three cutting blades to match the propeller. The cutter fits on the saildrive shaft as an exact replacement for the distance piece, or spacer, between the propeller and the saildrive body.

The saildrive Stripper is compatible with most major folding and feathering propellers. Use our compatibility matrix for your saildrive leg to see what modifications, if any, are required to install the Stripper.

Depending on the make and model of saildrive leg and propeller you may also require a modified propeller nut, or adapter kit. The Volvo saildrive Strippers only require an adapter kit when installing with a Volvo folding propeller. The Yanmar Stripper will require an adapter kit for all propeller makes. When purchasing a saildrive Stripper you will need to select the correct adapter kit for your propeller.

The rotating cutter is driven by two cap screws which located into the front face of the propeller, this does require drilling two small recesses in the front of the propeller boss. Colour installation instructions are provided with the Stripper explaining the full installation process including this simple modification.

The fixed cutter is restrained by a peg that passes through the modified anode supplied with the Stripper and locates in an exacting cap screw in the drive body. Future anodes can be purchased from ourselves, or you can modify anodes from their respective manufactures.

Installation of all saildrive Strippers require the removal of the propeller. The Stripper requires minimal maintenance once installed, however to replace the anode on most models will require the removal of the propeller and Stripper, with the exception of the Volvo 150 where the anode comes in two parts.

Typical installation time is about an hour and can be done by the boat owner avoiding costly boat yard labour fees.

Saildrive stripper

Saildrive Model Price excluding VAT Price including VAT (UK only) Purchase
Volvo Saildrive 120 2 Blade £625.00£750.00Buy
Volvo Saildrive 120 3 Blade £688.00£825.60Buy
Volvo Saildrive 130/150 2 Blade £664.00£796.80Buy
Volvo Saildrive 130/150 3 Blade £727.00£872.40Buy
Yanmar Saildrive 2 Blade £688.00£825.60Buy
Yanmar Saildrive 3 Blade £763.00£915.60Buy
Bukh Saildrive 2 Blade £626.00£751.20Buy
Bukh Saildrive 3 Blade £688.00£825.60Buy