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The following are the steps required to modify the Varifold propeller to make it compatible with the Stripper rope cutter.

Varifold propeller

Varifold Propeller modification stage 1 As Standard the propeller has a bronze outer casing with an aluminium centre, this centre is stainless steel on engines above 55 Horse Power.

There is no forwardly protruding lip on the aluminium centred propeller. However, on non aluminium centred propellers the outer lip will need to be removed.

Varifold Propeller modification stage 2 There are 2 holes which need to be drilled in the forward face of the drive hub.

The drive screws on the Stripper will then engage with these holes.

Tip for getting the position for the holes - Slide the Stripper on the shaft and apply a spot of paint (antifouling will do) to the heads of the drive screws, slide the propeller on and off to gain an imprint of the hole position. Alternatively mark off as per the diagram in the fitting instructions.

Varifold Propeller modification stage 3 The finished propeller including the spacer ring provided with the Stripper.