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Welcome to the Ambassador Marine web site, home of the number one solution in preventing propeller fouling, the Stripper propeller protector.

The Stripper has been the market leader in protecting propellers from ropes, weeds, netting and other hidden dangers under the water's surface for over 36 years.

The Stripper has now been redesigned to protect against cavitation greatly increasing the life and performance of your propeller, whilst still providing its excellent rope cutting capabilities.

The secret to the Stripper's success is its design, allowing even the smallest model powered by a small boat engine to cut through large ropes with ease, without putting large stresses on the engine, gearbox, propeller or mountings.

Unlike other rope cutters the Stripper shears rope like scissors using its razor sharp teeth to make progressive cuts.

The Stripper is also the only scissor style rope cutter on the market that is available for both conventional shaft and saildrive boats.

With a Stripper fitted to your boat, you can motor through even the most contaminated waters safe with the knowledge that you will not get caught.

Thousands of boat owners around the world already have this peace of mind, shouldn't you be one of them?

Looking to purchase a Stripper but don't know what all the boat terms mean? Our

boat term glossary can help, or maybe you need a spare part for your Stripper but not sure what the part is called? Try our glossary of terms.

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